Over 400 leading food companies rely on 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark including:



Item Level yabo sports官网Solutions


Traceability from the Field All the Way to the Consumer
Shoppers are seeking more information about their food than ever before.They reward brands that provide transparency with loyalty and preference.That's just one reason why leading fresh food companies use 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark.

亚博娱乐城HarvestMark is the leading traceability solution that links the first and last mile of the supply chain — from seed to store to kitchen.Now you can capture feedback from shoppers,and build brand loyalty.Join the thousands of farms that use 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark traceability.

Trust and interact with 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark daily,whether on their smartphones or at www.亚博娱乐城

PTI yabo sports官网Solutions

With over 450 customers deployed throughout the world,we're the most proven provider of PTI traceability.Berries to watermelon,tomatoes to potatoes,fresh cuts to field pack to line-pack,even herbs and exotics.We've done it.Multiple co-packers or single site?No worries.We have a solution for your unique workflow.With a simple at annual fee,complimentary software updates,and unparalleled support in the US,Canada,Mexico,and South America.亚博娱乐城HarvestMark PTI is the most trusted solution for PTI compliance.


Traceability yabo sports官网Solutions that Really Fit Your business

  • 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark ofyabo sports官网fers solutions for all workflows: shed pack,line pack,and field pack;carton or RPC.
  • No per-case charges or hidden fees.Pay only an annual platform fee.
  • Buy only what you need.There's no need to purchase or upgrade a costly ERP,install servers or buy consulting from us.Keep your current label providers.

The Easiest Solution to Implement and Manage

  • Our experienced team can help you become PTI compliant in a day.
  • Simple-to-use software to print PTI labels.
  • Free automatic updates assure the solution you buy is always compliant…even if the PTI,your customer or FDA requirements evolve.
  • Technical support in English and Spanish.

Instantly Access Data Wherever You Need It

  • Includes production reports to help manage your business.
  • Centrally manage your GTIN lists online.


Know What's In Store®with Powerful Marketing and Consumer Feedback

亚博娱乐城HarvestMark Connect enables fresh food brands to engage shoppers on their terms,real-time through any mobile device.亚博娱乐城HarvestMark Connect gives each of your products a web and mobile presence that delivers the information that shoppers care about.Enhance your voice of the customer programs with real-time feedback from shoppers using our easy survey and feedback tools.   Respond to feedback and monitor trends from the convenience of a web portal.

Feedback is priceless.Enable shoppers to give feedback on your products

  • Feedback is instantly linked back to product age,origin,and location using 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark traceability – making it meaningful.
  • Monitor trends by product,SKU,supplier,variety,or other variables you care about to inform your business.
  • Feedback is securely archived and accessible through any web connection.

Happy customers are loyal customers.Build brand preference and trust with your shoppers and retail buyers

  • Build loyalty by responding directly to shoppers using our convenient web portal.
  • Identify potential problems that could jeopardize your sales & distribution - before the retail buyer calls you.
  • Drive evangelism by responding to a shopper after an unhappy experience or reward your fans.

Turn lost shoppers into loyal shoppers.Turn loyal shoppers into brand evangelists.
亚博娱乐城Contact us to learn more about how you can leve亚博娱乐城rage HarvestMark Connect.


Utilize Quality & Freshness Data Across Your Supply Chain

亚博娱乐城HarvestMark Insights integrates data across your supply chain to help you optimize freshness and quality.

  • Fresh,quality produce is critical to retails buyers and shippers: 72% of shoppers choose their grocery stores based on the quality of the produce aisle(FMI,2011)
  • Shippers spend a third more in the produce department when they're delighted by the quality and freshness of fresh items(Oliver Wyman,2008)

Yet today,growers,shippers,retailers and foods service wholesalers often have no visibility into the freshness and quality of their produce as it's received and once it's left their warehouse.Quality issues are often reported after the fact,leaving little time to respond quickly to problems,or collaborate with suppliers or buyers.

Now you can monitor how your product performs from field to store shelf,and pinpoint sources of lost freshness and quality.With 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark Insights,you have data-based analysis needed to retain and capture new business,achieve price premiums,increase sales,and earn greater customer loyalty.

Our Solution

We transform quality and freshness data captured at critical points in your supply chain,from field to store,into actionable insights that you access on-demand via role-based dashboards and through email alerts.


  • Easy to use tools for quality scoring,allowing you to capture appearance,condition,defects,temperature,brix or other QC metrics through distribution or inventory and merchandising data while in store.
  • Role-based dashboards and reports that help your team rapidly measure,identify and root cause drivers of lost freshness and quality.
  • Intuitive benchmarking tools help you prioritize issues and make faster,more impactful decisions.
  • Email alerts to notify you when freshness or quality thresholds fall below expectations.


Measure:Farm to shelf visibility of your products' freshness and quality toknow what's in store®

  • The moment of truth is no longer a mystery: Capture quality and freshness ratings at edge of shelf across your categories and skus.Just the way a shopper would see it.
  • Benchmark stores,products or regions performance.
  • First-to-last mile visibility makes it easy to identify patterns and focus on where days are being lost or quality compromised – in the field,the cooler,the DC or the store.

Root Cause:Identify true drivers of freshness and quality

  • Proprietary analytics help identify the causes of poor quality by variety,growing region,DC,date,or store so you can take action to correct them.
  • Optimize pack style and variety mix.
  • Monitor the impact of your supply chain initiatives to ensure they delivery the impact you expect.

Take Action:Don't get buried in data,get actionable insights

  • Store and DC data is loaded seamlessly into the platform and is displayed in an easy to use format based on a user's role.
  • Customize weekly reports that are automatically emailed to users,making it easy to improve visibility to quality and freshness performance.
  • Eliminate spreadsheets across your organization.


Together with our Customers,we're Transforming Fresh Food

The food industry is being transformed by demands for greater transparency,quality and safety.亚博娱乐城HarvestMarkis a technology company with deep knowledge of the fresh food industry.Weprovidecutting-edgeapplications for food producers,distributors and retailers tohelp our customers reduce costs,improve efficiency,deliver predictably higher quality,build buyer loyalty,drive greater sales and improve profitability.

亚博娱乐城HarvestMark's platform and tools enable food producers,distributors and retailers to establish a transparent supply chain,optimize product quality and freshness,and build consumer loyalty.

亚博娱乐城HarvestMark's Software-as-a-Seryabo sports官网vice Solutions Are:

• Item Level Traceability:

亚博娱乐城HarvestMark provides an easy and cost-effective way to implement item level traceability on your products for food safety,recall and engagement of end consumers and others throughout the supply chain.亚博娱乐城HarvestMark has experience implementing item level traceability on all different types of products and operations with minimal to no impact on productivity.

• Consumer Connect

亚博娱乐城HarvestMark Connect enables fresh food brands to engage shoppers on their terms,in real-time through any mobile device.亚博娱乐城HarvestMark Connect gives each of your products a mobile presence that delivers the information that shoppers care about including grower information,recipes and the ability to provide actionable feedback.


Affordable software that enables food producers and food service companies to comply with the Produce Traceability Initiative and provide traceability throughout the supply chain.

• DC Insights:

Quality and freshness management platform which digitizes and standardizes your quality practices and provides analytics for improved buying,creating visibility through performance reports and supplier notifications,all resulting in measurably higher gross margins.

• Retail Insights:

Mobile application which allows food producers and retailers to easily monitor how their product performs at the store shelf,synthesize retail level data and ensure execution of marketplace priorities with both historical and real time information.

• Blockchain

亚博娱乐城HarvestMark is a pioneer in blockchain applications in the fresh foods industry.亚博娱乐城HarvestMark's blockchain applications help to streamline regulatory and audit requirements,improve supply chain efficiency and speed-up grower settlements in addition to enabling traceability within seconds.

Our Story

亚博娱乐城HarvestMark,known in the fresh foods industry as the leading provider of food traceability,and quality insights with more than 22 US patents,joined the Trimble group of companies in 2015.

For over forty years Trimble has been helping growers transform the way they farm.Trimble Ag Field yabo sports官网SolutionsandTrimble Ag Business Softwareenable growers to manage their operations more efficiently through crop planning and scouting tools,precision mapping,soil analysis and irrigation tools all of which are integrated together to reduce costs and achieve higher revenues.

Shippers and food processors use Trimble tools for grower and contract management and regulatory compliance.

Trimble's fleet management,dispatch and driver behavior applications and analytics software fromPeopleNetandTMWserves fresh food transportation and distribution customers.

The food industry is being transformed by demands for greater transparency,quality and safety,creating opportunities to provide meaningful analysis of food from the farm to the fork.亚博娱乐城HarvestMark provides applications for food producers,distributors and retailers to deliver predictably higher quality,fresh food to build buyer loyalty,drive sales and improve profitability.


亚博娱乐城HarvestMark Authorized Resellersyabo88体育 and Partners

The 亚博娱乐城Harvestyabo88体育Mark partner program fosters relationships with market-leading technology providers and suppliers of services and products that support HarvestMark.We allow customers to select from a range of trusted yabo88体育partners,often including existing vendors.The 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark soluyabo88体育tion partners lead the way in deploying yabo sports官网traceability solutions that protect and increase the value of fresh food and your brand.

Certified yabo88体育Partners

Customers can rely on 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark Certiyabo88体育fied Partners to print and/or integrate HarvestMark Codes into their packaging materials and products.These yabo88体育partners are experts in printing or packaging production,have attended 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark training,and have worked closely with 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark to ensure their systems are ready to go on day one to support Harvestyabo sports官网Mark solutions.


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We are here to answer any questions you may have about our 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark platform and tools.

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Customers can turn to 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark Authorized Resellers to provide integrated labeling and packaging programs that incorporate the HarvestMark solution.These yabo88体育partners are not only 亚博娱乐城HarvestMark Certified Partners,they are trained and authorized to resell and support the 亚博娱乐城Harvestyabo sports官网Mark solutions in conjunction with their own product lines.


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